Montag, 22. April 2013

Best potato salad (Kartoffelsalat) recipe ever!

Hello everyone :D

how are you all? I´m fine :).
I didn´t post recipes for a while^^, soon I´ll post a lasagne recipe, so stay excited and patient :D.
A very good friend and sister Tanush asked me about my favourite dish, sorry that it took me so much time^^.

As you known me, I´m a huge and the biggest potato fan ever and some of you maybe questioned "where is a potatoe recipe?" :D. Well, here it is :) in perfection :D.
I ate a lot of potato salads but this recipe is the bomb. Ami´s parents in law have a big and beautiful garden, it´s a perfect place to grill and eat. My hubby and I were there for dinner. Ami´s mother in law Ilona did as a side dish potoe salad, normally she told, it has to stay over night in the fridge. I began to eat and couldn´t stop myself, I felt very ashamed but it was sooooo ridiculous good! I couldn´t figure out how it should taste overnight it was already perfect *___*. Michi (Aron´s brother) wasn´t satified, he said normally it tastes much better. How could he dare to say something like that to this holy grail? :D:D:D I should have taken his potato salad from his plate XD to show him how good it was.
I phoned my sister almost every day until I got the recipe. You have to know that it´s a traditional german family recipe. At first I didn´t want to show, to respect their tradition, but it would be pity for not tasting the food explotion. So I sent Ami to ask Ilona for the recipe and she said luckily: "YES!" Thank you dearest Ilona! Mwua and a big hug!

Hmm I praised it too much, now you´ll going to eat it sceptical, but it´s my opinion and every individual has its own taste^^. Please don´t judge so hard^^.

Normally I wouldn´t have written the exact amounts, because they never use specific amounts. They just use the amount they feel that would be right. It took me really long to adjust the amounts for you.


serving for 4 persons:

1,5 kg potatoes

1 small onion
1 small bunch of green leeks
4 eggs
9 small pickels

2 tblsp maggi sauce
6 tblsp vegetable oil
4 tblsp liquid from the pickles
4 tblsp mayonaise
2 tsp salt
1/3 tsp black pepper
1/4 juice of a lemon

300 ml hot vegetable broth (you can use what ever broth you have on hand^^) (2tsp instant dry broth)

1. Boil the potaoes in cold water to cook them evenly.
2. Meanwhile cut the first 4 ingridients in small cubes.
3. Before you peel off the skin of the potatoes, heat the broth.
4. Slice the potatoes and put all the ingridients except the eggs in to the bowl and stir it all together, at last the eggs and mix it all gently.

It will taste much better, when you put it the fridge covered in plasic wrap over night.

Now it´s done, wasn´t it easy? I decided to make cooking videos for you. It´s meant as an aid for you to make it easier to understand and see how the consistensy should be, because I heard from a lot of people that they have problems to make dish from a written recipe. The videos will only be available through my blog. I want to keep my blog and my youtube channel strictly seperated :). The recipe in the video is slightly different from this one, I improved it a little bit and this is the better one in my opinion.

Have a nice week and don´t forget to smile 10 seconds in front of a mirror. Be beautiful inside and out :D.
Much love,

Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Spontaneously busy ^^

Hello my lovely readers out there :)!

At first sorry to Michi and Jane B. for not answering your kind comments in my "little adventure" post, feeling so ashamed to answer now, so much time passed. 
to Michi: it was a beautiful sunset haha thank you! :-*
to Jane B.: wow thank you for your great compliment, it means a lot to me :-*
by the way I love your blogs! I will do an extra blogpost for you guys^^

I didn´t wrote much lately, but it wasn´t because of my lazyness or less motivation. No, so much happend in one month. I met new people, got to know people again, say goodbye and saw people I love again. 


Ok let´s start. My aunt and my uncle visited me from Laos. I saw her once in my life before. The first time I saw her was 10 years ago. I was very shy and didn't talk much to elders^^, she included. To say it clear. I didn´t know her.

She worked and traveled a lot for her country, but now she´s not feeling so well. She has a lot of dreams and one of them, surely on the top, is seeing and touching snow. You have to know that, Laos is located in a hot tropical area. The coolest average low temperature is 17 Celsius/ 75 Fahrenheit.
She worked really hard to be on the position where she is right now, to do whatever she wants. Maybe she worked a little bit too hard. The doctor's aren´t as good as the countries in the west. My father invited her to visit him (her brother) and of course to check out, what the diagnose is.
The results took some time, meanwhile they and my parents did a europe tour. On the list: Austria :D.  She had so much luck, near from my home is a mountain, and it was almost in the end of the ski season. The next moutain full of snow, would be far away. We did a excursion to the mountain, without my daddy, he rested because on the next day they had a long road to Venice.
You can believe me! It was hilarious I will never forget this moment :D. On the way to the mountain was a lot of nature. Her eyes glowed like a child she was impressed of the green iced lake, we talked a lot of water and the situation of Laos.
We arrived, it was a small mountain with some seat lifts, where only two can sit on it. Thank god there wasn´t a lot of people there. This was the first time for my mom, too, sitting on a seat lift^^. I already told them, that they shouldn´t be scared of the lift and that it won´t stop to move. In the end they have to jump off the lift. Haha they nodded and smiled at me, like pros :D, while Pepe and I discussed who is sitting with whom, the three of them walked to the place where the lift is coming and stand to three in middle of the place, I literally looked like that O.O. The man who worked there was confused and tried to pull one of them to the side. Four people on the place XD and the seat lift was coming. I shout to them in lao. "Only two!!! Only two!! Stand there and sit on the seat" They looked to the seat (normally you stand with the back to the seat) and watched how it came slowly. And from one to the next second they walked criss cross on that place. Poor guy who tried to explain how it works. The seat came and they all jumped to the side, You had 10 seconds between every seat lift. The man had a strong austrian accent, he explained to my mom how it worked and my mom: "yah yah yah" nodding like a dove who ate some seeds. I knew my mom wouldn´t understand him. I know it, I for myself took some time until I understood them^^. My uncle and my aunt watched him talking and showing somewhere with his finger and they followed his finger everywhere. The seat took almost the leg of my uncle with it, but luckily he could jump off. I didn´t count them but for sure more than 7 seats passed untill they understood how it worked XD. It was really chaotic and funny!

We were finally on the top of the mountain. Did I already mention, how much luck she had that day? It was soo sunny!  I luckily took my glasses with me. We decided to drink something first, before we played with snow keke. We ate some fries, drank some beers, Pepe and I drank Skiwater, I guess water and sirup.
She couldn´t wait to play with snow. It´s not like she hadn't seen snow in her life, but what she wanted was an endless amount of snow, higher than her knees. She wasn´t satisfied with 2cm of snow elsewhere.

We wanted to walk uphill to the forest, but it was more difficult as it seemed at first. The first ten footsteps were easy, but after that our legs sank in it. Haha you had to be there, seeing her face glowing and laughing all the time. I told her to crawl uphill so she wouldn´t use so much energy on it. Hahaha I and Pepe played paparazzi for her, we documented almost everything. She was tired, layed down on the snow, she closed her eyes and said: "It doesn´t matter what happens in the future I will die with closed eyes, I´m so happy happy". She opened my eyes again. We have almost everything and we´re not happy, because we reach out for things we don´t have, because we want the big things, for example a big house or an expensive car, for showing. Why do we need a big house for a small family? Of course for inviting guests and show how we can spend our money. Back to my aunt :), she has everything what she needs, a big house, her family, big cars, but no health.
My mom and I dug her in with snow XD. You can imagine how wet we were afterwards :D. It was a beautiful day for sure, the sun, the air, everything was on the right place :).
I really enjoyed the view, I feel so at ease when I'm at the mountains (or nature in general that is). I closed my eyes for a moment when we where on the lift to absorb the impressions, and I can still see the breathtaking beauty when I close my eyes up until now.
The sun was shining so strong, you could barely open your eyes, and the air was su pure, a perfect day. Some guys bathed topless in the sun ^^. My uncle took off his shirt and did the same as the other guys XD. I´m sure 80% of all people were ashamed of the situation, but for me it was worth it. A smile, a joyfull smile is invaluable and it doesn´t matter what the others think, with an average selfconfidence the world does look different.
I met her for a short time, but I love her already so much, she looks like my departed grandmother and my beloved dad. She said, she had to smile and laugh all the time, while she were on my side, she was very thankful for the beautiful pictures I did^^.


Pepe and I were in Germany for few days to say goodbye to Pepe´s grandmother, it was time for her to go back to her home in Guatemala, she was almost for half year in Germany, because of her operation on her hip. I met lovely Macarena (Maca) (youngest brother in laws (Andrés) girlfriend from Chile), the time was too short to know Maca better, I wish I had more time with her. Andrés and Maca were there everyday :). We went to a bowling center and I have to admit that I´m not a huge fan of it, after playing bowling we played table soccer and wohoo Maca played like rambo XD, actually Pepe and Maca played together :D Andrés and I were more of a decoration. I put make up on Maca, hehe you will see soon a make up tutorial featuring her ^__^. We were there when she left to the airport, it must be really hard to stick together for three months and go far away and wait for a long time until be able to see each other again. I couldn´t imagine how it would be with me, how I would manage, hope this will never happen >___<.
I saw my best friend Ted and a good friend, his brother Janosch, again. I love the board games nights :D My favourite games are Wizzard, Dominion, Manhattan, Elfenwald and Siedler von Catan, but we played Sternenfahrer, really boring, I don´t know why I let them convince me to play it. The days were funny and yummi *__*. The time flew away so fast. Finally we had to go, and the parting was very emotional. I became really fond of his grandmother, and I have the feeling that she likes me very much too. We spend a lot of time together, we cooked together, and talked about everything. This was the third time I had the chance to see her (we already saw her during christmas, but I'm still counting it as one time), and you never know when you get to see each other again, but I hope we'll have the chance to meet another time soon.
Of course I visited my family too, but it was too short, I missed them so much. We had a family dinner Laab Paed/ Duck salad (lao and thai kitchen are very similar). I do not like Laab but this one was really really good! I saw my cousin from Laos for the first time, I know a lot of visitors the past few moths :D. She loves my mom so much, that she wanted to see her badly. My cousin from Laos is the daughter of my mothers half brother (from her father side of the family) and my cousin (he is the grandson of my grandma's sister from my mother's mother side of the family) fell in love with each other, they are in the same age and it was love from the first moment. It´s unbelievable both are related to me but they aren´t to each other :D.

Back at home

My cousins drove us back home to Austria. I had few days with them. I showed them the city (I could work as a city guide XD) and we went to a small moutain to slide on a sledge. Her first time ;) with so much snow. The snow sparkled with bright artificial light, she saw it and said: " It looks like millions of diamonds". So cute! I was so happy for her, seeing her thruthful smile and wondering. We had a lot of fun together. I will never forget her happiness and screaming XD, it was too fast for her. Haha maybe you thought wow that´s a lot for a month.. no no I´m not done yet :D. My brother in law (middle) Fernando and his girlfriend Souni visited us here in Austria for few days. I learnt a new perspective and side of him which is really positive.We did a film night and the other day we did a drink brawl. I have to say I drank a lot! But luckily I can get a grip on myself, persons who don´t know me well, always ask me: " Wow you aren´t drunk, you can drink a lot!" hahaha ;D. After they left I got a cold and needed much time to rest.

March was really stressful, but it was worth it. I learnt a lot and again, for example how fast the world is running, we should never stop asking, because with every answer we´re learning and that´s good.
I prepared a lot of things to post. Stay tuned :D.

Ok :), hope you had a wonderful start in the week, wish you a nice and rested week, don´t forget to drink and do something good for yourself.
Lovely greetings

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Little Adventure

Hello lovely readers :)

did you miss me? I missed you so much :D it sounds weird, but I´ve got a feeling that some of you didn´t give up on me, waiting for my next blogpost. I love to write, but I have to fight against my "doing nothing routine" :D. Once I get in, it´s hard to get out. Living comfortable is always the easier way :D.

I´m sitting in front of my laptop, a little scared to write, but I have so many ideas. Maybe because english is not my native language, as you can read^^. I don´t have cable tv, at first that wasn´t the plan.
Our neighbour moved away with his satellite dish, I really was addicted, I spent every day at least 2 hours with the television. 1 1/2 years ago I could have cable tv but I decided against it. I´ve got more time for everything and I watch only tv shows which I really like (in english) :). I want to move at first to England for some years, and afterwards to USA (Califonia) :). My english improved so much that I even think in english :).

Ok what did happen in the time after my last blogpost? My sisters Ami, Lin and her boyfriend Dennis visited me for one week. We had so much fun :). I´m really not the type who watches horror movies, accept for Lin and Dennis :D, it became a tradition. We watched Sinister with Ethan Hawke as the main charakter. Holy f+&$§% sh*§%!!! It was sooo soooo scary! I almost peed in my pants! I don´t like horror movies, I´m a big chicken. I must confess the movie was suspensful throughout. I even had to look away and I normally never look away ;____;. Luckily Lin is a big chicken too :D, we whined together.

We walked through the historic center, hiked the mountain where there's a nice restaurant, really beautiful and romantic!! You can use the elevator too, if you want (7€). You´ll get a free ticket down when you reservate or sometimes under special circumstances.

View from the midway on the road to the restaurant/bar

so romantic and noble

Their car had so much problems, so we couldn´t slide the 20km slope in Salzburg, Wildkogel. It is 130km away from my home. We took the 6km slope which is "only" 60km away. We parked on the top of the mountain, had we know that the slope was the same as the car ride, we wouldn´t have parked on the top. Ok we lent sledges, slided funnily down for 10-20 minutes. All the way up again, why not sliding twice? We walked 5 minutes up and one of us had a brilliant idea. The way was S-shaped. Why not take a shortcut? There was a sign that mentioned the place where our car was. 35minutes to the place. Ha we needed for 4km (walking from my home to the city) 30minutes flat, plus uphill 10 minutes, so we calculated that we needed 1 hour for the normal way. We were so clever.. so clever... The path was through the forest and very steep. Behind us our sledge which became heavier and heavier. The snow was knee high. You can imagine how much energy we used up, we sweated much and the way didn´t seem end. We orientated us from the foodprints of hikers and dogs. The daylight went away more and more with every minute. Everywhere sounds of falling snow from the trees. Sometimes we crawled up, to don´t fall in the snow. Finally a sign! We were on the right path :D, but it was too dark to see anything. No one took a smartphone with them, only Pedro and I, but my smartphone went off because of the cold (Pedro and I have super iphone cases from Lifeproof, can resist cold and hot weather, liquid and fine particle and protect the phone from most kind of hits) I took  too many pictures and videos on the slope :D. I laid it down on the snow to take a short video sliding down the hill. Pedro with the last thing to communicate to the civilisation walked to the sign. 30 minutes to the place O__O. We had already walked for 40 minutes. Tired and exhausted, sitting on our sledge. One of us wanted to walk back to walk the normal road up. One of us lost his cap, he looked after his cap in the dark alone for 10 minutes. Guys don´t make the same mistake! Never leave the group for a materialistic substitutable thing and it doesn´t no matter how much it cost, a lot could happen in the forest. One of us was looking for another shortcut, me sitting there scared of all the noises around us :D. It was a mess. He didn´t found his cap. How should he? Everywhere snow in the dark. We decided to leave the sledges behind us, left them in the forest. We were definetly far away from the place where we wanted to go. Ok think logical, the path we went was left from the road. We couldn´t walk back, it would take longer and it would be dangerous to walk steep down. You couldn´t almost see your hands and you don´t know what´s under the snow (there were demolished trunks and rivulets everywhere). We knew we had to go to the right to cross the road, the snow was deeper the path heavier, sometimes I and Lin sank in the snow up to our hips. Lin got stucked with her whole leg, Pedro shoveled her leg out of the snow. And then the road! We walked 2 hours in the forest and 20minutes up the road. I was a looser, I needed a pause almost every ten minutes. They were shocked, because I was nominated for "Jugend trainiert für Olympia" (= eng."Youth trained for Olympia")(athletics). In the end we laughed about our little adventure, we'll always keep it in our memory.
Next time we'll slide the 20km slope in Wildkogel, there is a lift and you can park at the end of the slope.

On the way to the slope

 On the mountain

 Hubby and I

 f.t.l. I, Ami, Lin and Dennis

snowy road through the mountain, the slope we used for our way down.

We girls had some beauty days and laughed a lot :) ohh and we played  Mario Kart Wii almost every day, I always play Rosaline :), because a star always escorts her.
We ate so much fast food, my face looks soo bah, pimples everywhere ;___;.

That´s it guys, that was my week. Andrés, my brother in law, wants to visit me with his girlfriend from Chile, at beginning of march^^. Hope we'll have much fun.

oke I wish you a nice week. Be careful and don't forget to eat some fruits.

Lovely greetings,


Montag, 28. Januar 2013


Hello everybody :D

hope you are all well. I´m a little bit sick, but don´t worry, nothing fatal.
My holidays were really nice and cozy. I´m surely one of the lasts person on earth, who does a Christmas and new year blogpost for last year :D. I know you must be really tired of reading this stuff :D:D:D, but some of you want surely to know how I celebrated :D.

 I spent my time again with my families, I should... I have to meet my german friends again! They ask me very often, but there is barely enough time to be with my fam :(.The first half time I'm traditionally with my fam in law, but this time was diffrent, it was much more complicated. I´d always been on Christmas with my fam in law and on 26th I´m celebrating with my fam and the 29th was my sister's birthday, but on New Year's Eve it was my grandma in law's birthday and on second of january my mum's birthday. We traveled a lot back and forth again. I really thought this Christmas would be exhausting but it wasn´t. I had a lot to laugh with all, we joked almost all day. It was the first time for my fam in law that a girlfriend celebrated together with us on Christmas Eve (my husband is the oldest of three brothers, and the middle one had his girlfriend over for Chrismas dinner). Normally my mother in law is very stiff (traditional latina), because only fam members may be there. She did a great job :) she was very courteous and nice. I also met for the first time the girlfriend of my brother in law Andrés (the youngest one). She is from Chile and visits Germany until march (she came a few days before New Years's Eve. Hope they´ll visit me in Austria. I'm proud to live here in Salzburg, wonderful city :)

The time with my fam was different this year, I couldn´t keep my plan. I told you already that the father of my sister in law died, she stayed longer than planned until february. I couldn´t see my niece and nephew of my oldest brother, it makes me really sad, my next visit to Germany will be on july ;___;, if my brother doesn´t visit me on spring, I wouldn´t have seen them for almost a year! My older sister wasn´t really there. I saw them only twice and one of those times it was only for 3 hours. They went spontaniously to France, it was important for her to visit her husband, he did a therapy for his back in a temple. My dad was busy, he had to do a lot of stuff before he flew to Laos (he´s helping to build a temple). Thank god that I saw my younger sister Ami and brother in law Aron, my two older brothers Sonne (and his fiancé Nadine) and Chuck and my mom often :), I also saw my "younger sister" (cousin) Linda, we had a lot of fun together. :D

I´m really exited to see Ami, Linda and her boyfriend Dennis soon! We´re going to the longest coasting slide on earth :D, it´s in Austria :D they will visit me for one week on the 10th of February :D yaaaaay, We were there last year and we had so much fun! We sledged in the night, it was sooo cold, there was even a snow storm :D.

I´m sorry, I shouldn´t promise things. Do you remember? I promised to show you some pictures from the christmas market in Karlsruhe? I did, but I can´t find the pictures :(. Really weird! Sorry ;__;.
But instead I have some pics from the christmas market and other randlom pics of Salzburg.

Hmm I didn´t made many photos :(, I really thought that I did a lot, but there really were only a few. I did many photos with others, but they understandably don´t want to make them public.


Christmas market in Salzburg

Where I am?


Christmas turkey

 My brother in law Andrés took this photo
he did a great job!

 Hubby and I ♥

I was tired after the christmas dinner.

New Year´s Eve

 Got ready

Finished my make up!

Final look :)

Current pics

 Leyla, sun of my life 

Prince Lion, my little Leonard who doesn´t want to speak :)

That´s it guys :D
ok have a nice week! Please take care of yourself! Eat and rest :)
lovely greetings

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Pics from 2012

Hello everybody!

How are you? How were your holidays?
I´m back in Austria :). Today I slept like Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty". My mother and my younger sister Ami drove me home, it's starting to be a tradition to drive me home. They stayed longer than planned. I was sad, but life must go on with or without them.

I planned to write some blogposts in my holidays, but the time runs so fast. I slept very late with a smile and woke up to early. I could sleep all day, but without my bed it´s like laying on a stone XD.

It´s too late to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but hahahaha I´m not like everyone so then :D I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D hope you celebrated well with your loves one or had relaxed days.

I´ll show you some pictures which I didn´t post last year, because I thought they weren't good enough to show :).
And I decided not to match my blog and my YouTube videos, I want it to be special.

Outfit Of The Day´s

which wasn´t good enough to show

I thought it looked to unspecial or normal, not really an inspiration for you :)

Pictures from my Youtube video

Pictures I didn´t showed last year

 This picture was from a turial which I wasn´t satisfied with^^

Enjoyed my time in Germany

 Missing my cuty babies, they visited me.

Ate all day along

Spent every minute I can with my beloved Ami <3
miss her so much ;___;

 Pissed out Nony :P

That´s it :) my next post is going about my holidays. I´ll show you some pictures :)
Have a nice start in the week my lovely readers :D

With much love