Montag, 26. März 2012

Beautiful Day

Hello everyone,
hope you're all doing well :) yesterday was a wonderful day it was sunny and full of life. I got a Bubble Tea green tea peach!! But sadly without tapioca pearls and it tasted not so good :( they gave them away to run some tests before they open ahh i missed it so much could only drink it in Bo bar Karlsruhe, Germany by the way the best Bubble Tea on earth is Joghurt Honeydew with tapioca pearls and lychee pearls.

On the way back home I waited for my hubby on a bench on the left my Bubble Tea and in the right my phone to took wonderful pictures of Salzburg. Unbelievable it's almost one year since we moved here. I really love this city and this country they are so nice and gentle :) I like the germans but they are sometimes really rude... Maybe we will stay longer than we thought.
Ok here some pictures from Salzburg and me OOTD took two jackets with me :D I made this picture which is made from 4 pictures with the foto stitch app

Samstag, 24. März 2012


Hello everybody,
I had a spontaneous emergency girls night with my lovely friends, one of my friends broke up with her boyfriend, we drank some cocktails and talked almost all night :). Hope you had a wonderful saturday like me.
Kisses Nony

Montag, 19. März 2012

Everyday Make Up

Today I'm going to do an everyday make up tutorial which I'm wearing almost everyday to university or my job :)
(My laptop is broken and it will take at least 3 weeks until it is repaired:( now I'm trying to do it with a blogger app.)

I think this look is wearable for all kind of types and it is very fast and easy to do.

Let's begin:

It's important to moisturise your face first. After applying the face cream, eye cream and lip balm let it set for 5-10 minutes to become after applying concealer and foundation if you need a flawless and smooth skin.

I used a shimmery brown colour all over my lid and went a little bit over the middle of my eyeball because of my medi-lid. When I open my eyes it's very difficult to see the beautiful colour. Apply the colour on the outer lower lid, but only on 1/3 of the eye.

I made a sharp wing with a matt brown colour which I connected at the end with the upper shimmery colour. With a light matt brown eyeshadow I contoured my nose along the sides of the nose bone. Highlighted the brow bone and 1/4 of the front eye, used a dark brown eyeliner all over the lash line - as thin as I could, and winged it out gently, to balance the look. I drew my lower outer lash line thick at the end and thinner at the front, curled the lashes and applied mascara. Drew the eyebrow.

I chosen a peachy colour for my cheeks and a rose nude colour for my lips. At the end I put make up powder to set my make up, but if you want a glowy skin skip this part.

Sorry for the chaotic sequence can anyone help me how to move the pictures in the blogger app??

Don´t forget the biggest beauty weapon is your smile! :)

What I used:
BBcream Hotpink skin79
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30
Max Factor Pastell Compact Pastell 4
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder 03 Taupe/Ash
Catrice 400 My First Copperware Party
Naked Palette Buck, Naked
Urban Decay Glide on 24/7 in Whiskey
L'ORÉAL Volume Million Lashes
Sleek Pan Tao 919
NYX Lipliner in 858 Nude Pink
Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy

Hope you all had a great day :D
Lovely greetings