Mittwoch, 19. September 2012


Hello everybody!

How are you? Hope you all had a stressless week :)
I´m a huge fan of Kdramas (Korean Dramas - Korean tv shows) and finally I found my Aely :), a friend to share our obsessions :) she recommend me "Rooftop Prince" and I love this show! I´ve never cried so hard like this before in a Kdrama! In this show, they always eat omurice and of course I couldn't wait to try it out myself. It looks so yummi! I searched in the web for this recipe but I wasn´t satisfied and it doesn´t taste so yummi, so I started to create my own version :) ok guys, have fun!

This recipe is for 4 big or 6 small Omurice

You need:

I used jasmine rice 1 1/2 cup (cup= 250ml)
vegetables of your choice
I prefer a handfull of peas and a handfull of mushrooms but I had neither, so I used broccoli and cauliflower instead
1 carrot 
1 small onion 
cut them all in small cubes
you can use meat if you want :) chicken would be the best choice, cut it in small and thin slices

2 tblsp gochujang (you can skip it, if you don´t have, put more tomato paste instead)
3 tbsp  tomato paste
pinch of salt, sugar and pepper
1 tbsp sesame oil

toss the ingrediens together

2 tbsp black (sweet, thick sauce) soysauce

5 eggs
4 tbsp of heavy cream or milk
pinch of salt


You´re ready when the oil starts bubbeling (works only on wood)

Fry the onions until glazed

Put the vegetables in

Stir until they are well cooked

Add the sauce in to develop the aroma
If you want to keep the colour of the vegetables
-> put the vegetable on the side, cook the sauce and add the vegetables in the end

Add the rice and season it with soysauce, salt and pepper to your liking

Mix the ingredients very well, add the leek at last and mix again!
(it looks so red, because I like it hot :D )

This will be a very hard step!

turn the stove on middle heat, put a middle thick layer of egg on the pan
wait until the eggs are almost done (flabby)

now you have to work fast, add the rice vertically in the middle of the egg

the flabby egg should stick on the rice like glue
(I failed, was to slow)
put it downside on the plate and decorate with ketchup 
and if doesn't work do an omelette and lay it on top of your rice plate^^

It was really hard to make a perfect one, only one worked, 
it´s much easier to make it on a small pan

And that´s the reality XD

We love the recipe and all of my friends love it too.
I hope you will try this easy recipe soon, let me know how you like it. I wish you a nice week!
Lovely greetings

Freitag, 14. September 2012

Germany :)

Hello my lovely readers, :)

I´m back from my holidays :D
How was your summer?
autumn has arrived, it's getting colder, rainy and windy, but let´s get my warm thoughts of the summer out again.

I was barely 6 weeks in Germany, it was really wonderful I met some new friends from Taiwan, Romania, and Lebanon, the last two of them got married and live in Dubai. and I saw my family again :)
My grand-mother-in-law from Guatemala is visiting my parents-in-law.
I´m a very fair person so I decided to split the vacation in half with his and my family. I saw my youngest brother-in-law the first time after almost 1 year again (after school he decided to do a social year in Guatemala and Chile) and I met my best friend again, I did a vlog video with him but he don´t want me to make it public :( I can understand his decision.

The weeks in Karlsruhe (parents-in-law) were very recreative. my little sister and his boyfriend visited me often, because she couldn´t wait longer to see me. We went together to an indoor swimming pool, drank some coctails, coffé, ate ice-cream and the single most delicious burger on earth (at least for me), my husband always tells me from in-n-out, jack in the box, or white castle in the states - can´t wait to eat fast food there :D
I could refresh my spanish with mamam (grandmother-in -law), we played cards, and we cooked and baked together :) she was very impressed with my cooking and baking skills^^ and we laughed together a lot :)
Sometimes it was a little bit stressful because of their latino temper, even after 6 years I haven´t get used to it. It gets very loud sometimes, in an asian household it's the same - but you know it´s a joke most of the time, and in a latino houshold they really mean it ;)

I met some Youtubers in Frankfurt :) I was looking forward the most to Jeannette and Mira, both are beautiful and funny. Actually I didn´t want to go to that meeting but I really wanted to meet Jeannette, we wrote us in Twitter before and she seemed to be a really nice person. I was positvely surprised how natural, pleasant and funny she is. In short: the meeting was very boring, the food was not good (bad luck to choose the Falafel), most of them weren´t  like they are in the videos and they were shallow, but some of them (really rare) were heartly, open and honest. I didn´t expect to see one of my viewers, I only wanted to meet some people with the same passion as me, but you can be disappointed very easy with this approach. Next time (if there is one, but I don´t think so), I'll only go to a meeting to see good friends ;)

Now let´s start with my family :D
Long time ago my mom and my older sister had a Thai restaurant. You can imagine what that's supposed to mean^^ my mother did everything what I ordered and she made a lot of food. I really missed her food :) I saw my babies again :) My older sister and my older brother both of them have each 2 kids. I have 4 siblings :) and all of them have a partner. We are alltogether 16 people in the house :): loud, lot of food, and much to talk. I took time for everyone, I don´t want to regret anything after I´m going, you´ll never know what happens in the future.
I was 1 week with my parents, 1week with my oldest brother and almost 1 week with my older sister, my young sister was like a shadow behind me, she was always by my side :) I love her so much! Thank you Ami <3 I saw my other brother only once :) he´s very busy

The times flies very fast, I didn't have enough time for my friends :( they will kill me in the winter for sure :D
The weather was very hot, it was perfect for trips :)
My husband and I went hiking with Ami (young sister) and Aron (her boyfriend) in the woods on a little but steap hill alltogether 4km. It was very exhausting, we used the difficult way (no path, no helping structures), but it was very funny :D everyday something to do :)

My mom and Ami droved us home, it was very funny in the car :) we took 6 hours (they drove very slow)

now to the pictures :)
I just noticed that the most of the pictures from the summer still are in Germany, I will add them to the blog as soon as I get them. 

worst Falafel



couldn´t remember the names :(
if you read this please tell me your name :)
 sad faces, Aely wasn´t there

 Mad Max in Karlsruhe

 Ate for the first time frozen joghurt
Flowers everywhere

Mom´s food

 Felizia <3

David <3
Leyla <3 & Leonard <3

Frog legs tasted like chicken^^

Snails :D yumm delicious with baguette!


best Mojito in Karlsuhe

 My Mom
 ok lovely greetings