Montag, 27. September 2010

Spy Movie Cinema Look

Hello everyone what are you doing today?
Today I´m going with my panda (my husband) spontaneously to the cinema to watch Salt, the movie with Angelina Jolie, my favorite actress ever! :)
I think it´s suitable for a spy movie moment like this.
It´s a bit wicked and sexy at the same time

Make up
I decided for a black-purple smokey eye look

At first I´ve used the manhatten eyeshadow base. After this I lightly dabbed a black eyeshadow all over my lid, blend the edges well out. Then I dabbed a purple eyeshadow all over the lid and my upper lashline.

Then I used a black eyeshadow again for the outer V corner, upper and lower (only 2/3 of the outer)  lashline of the eye. I used a white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eye (1/3 of the inner) and under my eyebrow. Use eyeliner on the upper waterlashline do a thin line and smudge it out. Mascara.

I drew my eyebrow and blended it up. Dab the blush on the cheeks and blend it.
Next is a white shimmery eyeshadow over the cheeks, over the nose and under the middle of the forehead. After that a coral moisture lipstick all over the lip, and then a little rasperry colored lipstick in the middle inner lip. Finish everything with a rose colored lip-gloss. :)

Here´s the final make up look (webcam)

Products used:
manhatten eyeshadow base
mny eyeshadow 004A
revlon eyeshadow in very black
Maybelline eyeshadow in 01 Snow White/ Blanc Neige (I used it as a cheek and eyebrow highlighter)
MAC eyeliner pencil waterproof  in black
L´Oréal Voluminous waterproof mascara in black
Nivea Blush by Chantal Thomass
Catrice lipstick in Soft Coral
Manhatten lipstick in 56X
Rimmel Stay Glossy in Mauve Addiction

And this is the final look - a black skirt with a lavender top with flat black shoes.
I think highheels would be too much for this look. Just for watching a movie at the cinema flat shoes feel better. :)
 Do I look dangerous? :D:D:D
(I don´t know where the drops come from O.o)

 Agent spy jacket^^

I hope you´ve enjoyed the look :)
Have a nice day <3
and keep on smilling  :)
lovely regarts