Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Beautiful Thoughts

Hello my lovely readers :)

ATTENTION: This is a philosophical text about my thoughts, if you don't feel like reading heavy stuff right know, you should probably either skip it or read it later... :D
...and don't worry, my next blogpost is going to be definitely more fun!

I never thought that my blog would get so much attention :) (from all of you who wrote me, I didn't expect anybody to write so I'm really happy for every comment, it means a lot to me) or that I would be giving a good feeling to all of you. I thought that I would be 'talking' to a wall or to only few viewers who read or watched me/my blog for a few seconds and then forgot me like a newspaper. In the past I didn't get much response so I thought I can take as much time as I want to make new blogposts, there was nothing to push me, from time to time I even almost forgot my blog.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, particularly Anne, Chung Cha, Aely, Eun Jung, Johanna, Maria, jumpysunday, mysunnygreentree, Jenny, Kelly. I´m really grateful for your kind words and the time which you take to write a beautiful comment to me, you pushed me and gave me extra joy in my life, because of you I have more passion to spread my luck and my love

Thinking is easier than doing ;)

I never felt as being special or important for anyone (it's not really that important for me but I felt like a bug in a big world :) kekeke) apart from my husband or my family. My siblings are all growing up and have a "new" family. They are all focused to their family and I completely understand. I´m a person who doesn't want to burden anyone at all, particularly people with much responsability :). What I want to say is you are never to old to grow up. I´m 24 and married, but my heart and soul feels like 17 :)

Don´t be afraid to open your mouth and say what you think. In the past you surely hurt somebody you love like your mom or somebody else by telling them something or yelling to them. And if you can do it with people you love you shouldn't back down or be shy with people you don't really know or who treat you disrespectful and don't really merit you being nice to them.
If you can´t avoid the person be polite but keep your distance, talk with them when you need to, but ignore them as far as possible. They'll probably notice something sooner or later, and realise they behaviour was not correct, but keep your distance until you have the feeling they really mean to change and are sorry for what they did.
Please don´t forget to give a second chance, everyone deserves it!
And everybody can change. Never be rude, they can take it as a weapon against you, and you wouldn´t be better than they be acting this way. The person tried to hurt you, he (she) will be annoyed if you ignore him (or her), so you will win because whatever you do you are happy and not full of hate like him (her).
Maybe he (she) will notice it, and if not it´s not so bad (after all, it's not possible that everybody likes you), give always your best and you will never regret your actions.

Don´t let the bad people into your mind, you don´t owe them anything.
And if people say bad things about you, listen to them. It´s not bad to hear what the others say because You are the one who decides what's right and wrong in your life. You know the best who you are, You have the choice to do what you want(within your abilities), no one has the right to treat you like they want. You are the lucky person who can let go of bad thoughts and of people who treat you bad. Don't keep thinking about bad things that happened to you in the past, you can't change them after all. I know it's easier to say than to make, but you should keep trying.

That´s one reason why I´m full of love and joy, there is enough suffer in life, we all have to fight for our inner happiness. Sometime it´s easy, sometime very hard.
It's easier to suffer, it´s easy to be lazy, it´s easy to have a bad mood... but it´s really hard to be good, like to be nice, to say no, to be consistent...

We always have to fight for good things!

Everything you do or must do - do it with your heart or try to act as if you love it, sometimes you'll really start loving to do it. If you think oooaaahhhh noo, you are already blocking it and you will only do it halfway and withour really wanting to, manipulate yourself to doing the things in a good way. :)

I always try to fill my blog with as much love and joy as I can, as I want to share it with you.
There is always somebody who needs it. Everybody falls down from time to time and needs to rest to be able to face the next fight in his/her life. And it gives them time to be stronger and wiser the next time, they'll be able to protect themselves better than before.

I really hope it helps you to let go of all the bad things in your mind.
I fight every day, every hour and every second of  my life to have joy in my heart.

You probably noticed that I´m more of a writer than a speaker :D
I consider to make the next step, and to write a little bit more of my philosphical side and passion.

Lovely greetings and I wish of course a good morning, a good afternoon and a wonderful night to all of you readers out there.

a warm hug and a kiss on your forehead


Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

My Sunshine

Hello my lovely readers :)

I want you to know that my niece Leyla has a Youtube channel, I really love and miss her, and of course all my nephews and nieces, too. Since I live here in Salzburg, I only see them twice a year, for me really too rarely, I used to see them almost every 4 weeks :( but luckily I can see her growing up on videos. Hope you have as much fun to watch my endless sunshine Leyla as I do^^

My favourite video from her is "What's a horse?" (and "Sprite! Sprite! Sprite!" which is coming soon on her channel)

While I watching her videos I have to smile every time and they make me happy, so I hope she will have a similar effect on you :D

And for my new readers I do video´s too, but only in german and soon with english subtitles ^^

ok everyone hope you´ll have or had a nice day

lovely greetings
Nony <3

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

NYX Review

Hello everyone :)
I hope your week starts really good like mine :D and if not don´t be sad :) listen to the birds in the morning they will sing all of your bad mood away ^^ trust me :) sometimes we forget in a loud present time like this the simples beautiful things on earth like listen to the nature for example a drop from the rain.

I promised more than a year ago a review about my NYX products
ok I start with the lipsticks :)

The lipsticks are difficult to wear in my opinion, especially the peach bellini, you can´t have dry lips in any kind of way, it will make it visible and go in any wrinkle you have on your lips :(
but if you spread it with your finger it will change and be smooth. Don´t press the lips together! Otherwise you see every wrinkle on your lips, it will work only after dap with your fingers (but only very soft). I have to force myself to not press my lips together (we always do the things we shouldn´t do like touch the face, which is bad for the cleanness of the skin) The consistency is like face cream in a stick form.
The smell of the lipsticks have a citrus note, at first very awkward but you will get used to it. (It´s remembers me of a citrus dish liquid XDDD) I wouldn´t buy it again. To much dirty work, my fingers look very messy afterwards. Last for 2 hours.

applied peach bellini
you can see all the stripes it left behind

pressed the lips together
 very flaky :(

II used my finger with all the following lipsticks

Peach Bellini
too much sparkles, beautiful bright orange colour, flaky, very difficult to wear, after work with the finger it gets lucent, hard to handle and after pressing the lips together it looks horrible.

Indian Pink
orange nude pink colour, gets lucent after spread it with the finger

Nude (beige) colour, my lipstick broke! too smooth and creamy

the one and only lipstick which you can wear without using your fingers. orange red colour

I wouldn´t recomment the lipsticks :( far to hard to get a good result or to make it wearable, I have to take a mirror with me.

Lip gloss
I love this lip gloss :) it smells like the lipstick. The texture is very comfortable and you can combine it with every lipstick of your choice.The glitter particles are very small, they don´t overload the lips like other lip gloss I had. It has a load of white sparkles, looks really fresh and fruity on the lips, it doesn´t stick, very comfortable :)

lucent peachy colour, sparkly, dries after 3 hours

I love the colours, they are smooth like butter, and they have a very high pigmentation, I don´t need a eyeprimer or a base to pop up the colours. I will definetely buy more ^^

rose colour with an hint of gold, colourful sparkles, very smooth, sometimes I only wear this eyeshadow on my eye - it´s enough and very beautiful, specifically on spring and summer <3

lilac dark blue, love to wear it as an eyeliner :), very flaky and hard to put on my eyes without flakes on my cheeks.

Eyebrow Cake Powder
I really really recommend it!!! I own myself the Taupe/ Ash colour and it´s gorgeous for asians! I put make up on my friends and family and it matched really great with dark to brown hair <3 I don´t want to miss it again, I´m really happy with it and I´ll buy it defenitly again for me and my beloved family and friends, they all love it :)
You can work really great with an ankle brush for eyebrows. There are two brushes in it, a hard ankle brush and a brow and lash brush to soften out any edges (I don´t use them though, because the brushes are too hard for me). The wax is really great for long brows, it sticks the eyebrow on it´s place all day long :)
My all time favourite! Wear it in all my photos :)

I chose the nude pink lip liner, it dries the lip a little bit, but I like to wear it as a lip base, love to cover my outer dark lip. I couldn´t find  this beautiful colour anywhere, I´m going to buy more of this lipliners (of the same and other colours).
You can watch it on the picture below

I love my cinammon blush (and it convinced me to buy more of NYX blushes), it´s high pigmented but it isn´t blurry on my cheeks, you can blend it out really good. For a wonderful finish I would recommented to work with a fluffy brush, not a densed one. You have to find out your own technique to apply it on your cheeks.

I´m very happy with my products, except my peach pellini round lipstick (I can handle the other ones), hope you enjoyed my review :)

Lovely greetings