Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

My Sunshine

Hello my lovely readers :)

I want you to know that my niece Leyla has a Youtube channel, I really love and miss her, and of course all my nephews and nieces, too. Since I live here in Salzburg, I only see them twice a year, for me really too rarely, I used to see them almost every 4 weeks :( but luckily I can see her growing up on videos. Hope you have as much fun to watch my endless sunshine Leyla as I do^^

My favourite video from her is "What's a horse?" (and "Sprite! Sprite! Sprite!" which is coming soon on her channel)

While I watching her videos I have to smile every time and they make me happy, so I hope she will have a similar effect on you :D

And for my new readers I do video´s too, but only in german and soon with english subtitles ^^

ok everyone hope you´ll have or had a nice day

lovely greetings
Nony <3

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