Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Valentines Day

tomorrow is Valentines Day <3
normally I´m not a big fan of it, but who can say no to special offers (food, clothes,..)??
This was very spontaneous.
It's going to be my makeup look.
I thought a long eyeline should make the look more intensive and focus on the eye. My hubby and We are going to take a walk along the wonderful river, afterwards we´re going to eat italian food.

What I used on the eye:

Naked Palette                  -Toasted          all over the lid and the lower lashline
Bobbi Brown                   -black             did on the front a very thin line and from 3/4 of the end a thicker line,     flicked  the end with the finger to create a fine line
long lasting eye gel
Maybelline eyeshadow      -Snow White   as a Highlighter on my cheekbones, on the nose and on the teardot
LÓREAL mascara            -million lashes



I wish you all a happy Valentines Day!

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Gewinnspielteilnahme bei Greeklicious

Arabic Look

Hello everyone :D
I haven´t posted for a long time. It´s not easy being a blogger, you should have a lot of passion, time and ideas, that´s why I admire all the bloggers who spend so much time on it.
I found a cute german blogger , she´s doing an arabic contest and I thought by myself why not use the chance and experiment a little? I´ve never made this before but there is always "a first time"

I decided to use one of my all time favourite colour: green
If you look close you will see the fake lid which I drew in brown

 I drew all my lids and the area over my lids in black because of my medi lids, it should make the eye bigger
 I used a scarf and a forehead jewelry from my best friend from Pakistan :). Sorry I don´t know what´s its name :( please write below if you know^^

you can help me to win, please vote for me if you like it :)
vote on the left sidebar

ok I wish you all a happy weekend
lovely greetings