Freitag, 14. September 2012

Germany :)

Hello my lovely readers, :)

I´m back from my holidays :D
How was your summer?
autumn has arrived, it's getting colder, rainy and windy, but let´s get my warm thoughts of the summer out again.

I was barely 6 weeks in Germany, it was really wonderful I met some new friends from Taiwan, Romania, and Lebanon, the last two of them got married and live in Dubai. and I saw my family again :)
My grand-mother-in-law from Guatemala is visiting my parents-in-law.
I´m a very fair person so I decided to split the vacation in half with his and my family. I saw my youngest brother-in-law the first time after almost 1 year again (after school he decided to do a social year in Guatemala and Chile) and I met my best friend again, I did a vlog video with him but he don´t want me to make it public :( I can understand his decision.

The weeks in Karlsruhe (parents-in-law) were very recreative. my little sister and his boyfriend visited me often, because she couldn´t wait longer to see me. We went together to an indoor swimming pool, drank some coctails, coffé, ate ice-cream and the single most delicious burger on earth (at least for me), my husband always tells me from in-n-out, jack in the box, or white castle in the states - can´t wait to eat fast food there :D
I could refresh my spanish with mamam (grandmother-in -law), we played cards, and we cooked and baked together :) she was very impressed with my cooking and baking skills^^ and we laughed together a lot :)
Sometimes it was a little bit stressful because of their latino temper, even after 6 years I haven´t get used to it. It gets very loud sometimes, in an asian household it's the same - but you know it´s a joke most of the time, and in a latino houshold they really mean it ;)

I met some Youtubers in Frankfurt :) I was looking forward the most to Jeannette and Mira, both are beautiful and funny. Actually I didn´t want to go to that meeting but I really wanted to meet Jeannette, we wrote us in Twitter before and she seemed to be a really nice person. I was positvely surprised how natural, pleasant and funny she is. In short: the meeting was very boring, the food was not good (bad luck to choose the Falafel), most of them weren´t  like they are in the videos and they were shallow, but some of them (really rare) were heartly, open and honest. I didn´t expect to see one of my viewers, I only wanted to meet some people with the same passion as me, but you can be disappointed very easy with this approach. Next time (if there is one, but I don´t think so), I'll only go to a meeting to see good friends ;)

Now let´s start with my family :D
Long time ago my mom and my older sister had a Thai restaurant. You can imagine what that's supposed to mean^^ my mother did everything what I ordered and she made a lot of food. I really missed her food :) I saw my babies again :) My older sister and my older brother both of them have each 2 kids. I have 4 siblings :) and all of them have a partner. We are alltogether 16 people in the house :): loud, lot of food, and much to talk. I took time for everyone, I don´t want to regret anything after I´m going, you´ll never know what happens in the future.
I was 1 week with my parents, 1week with my oldest brother and almost 1 week with my older sister, my young sister was like a shadow behind me, she was always by my side :) I love her so much! Thank you Ami <3 I saw my other brother only once :) he´s very busy

The times flies very fast, I didn't have enough time for my friends :( they will kill me in the winter for sure :D
The weather was very hot, it was perfect for trips :)
My husband and I went hiking with Ami (young sister) and Aron (her boyfriend) in the woods on a little but steap hill alltogether 4km. It was very exhausting, we used the difficult way (no path, no helping structures), but it was very funny :D everyday something to do :)

My mom and Ami droved us home, it was very funny in the car :) we took 6 hours (they drove very slow)

now to the pictures :)
I just noticed that the most of the pictures from the summer still are in Germany, I will add them to the blog as soon as I get them. 

worst Falafel



couldn´t remember the names :(
if you read this please tell me your name :)
 sad faces, Aely wasn´t there

 Mad Max in Karlsruhe

 Ate for the first time frozen joghurt
Flowers everywhere

Mom´s food

 Felizia <3

David <3
Leyla <3 & Leonard <3

Frog legs tasted like chicken^^

Snails :D yumm delicious with baguette!


best Mojito in Karlsuhe

 My Mom
 ok lovely greetings

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