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Best potato salad (Kartoffelsalat) recipe ever!

Hello everyone :D

how are you all? I´m fine :).
I didn´t post recipes for a while^^, soon I´ll post a lasagne recipe, so stay excited and patient :D.
A very good friend and sister Tanush asked me about my favourite dish, sorry that it took me so much time^^.

As you known me, I´m a huge and the biggest potato fan ever and some of you maybe questioned "where is a potatoe recipe?" :D. Well, here it is :) in perfection :D.
I ate a lot of potato salads but this recipe is the bomb. Ami´s parents in law have a big and beautiful garden, it´s a perfect place to grill and eat. My hubby and I were there for dinner. Ami´s mother in law Ilona did as a side dish potoe salad, normally she told, it has to stay over night in the fridge. I began to eat and couldn´t stop myself, I felt very ashamed but it was sooooo ridiculous good! I couldn´t figure out how it should taste overnight it was already perfect *___*. Michi (Aron´s brother) wasn´t satified, he said normally it tastes much better. How could he dare to say something like that to this holy grail? :D:D:D I should have taken his potato salad from his plate XD to show him how good it was.
I phoned my sister almost every day until I got the recipe. You have to know that it´s a traditional german family recipe. At first I didn´t want to show, to respect their tradition, but it would be pity for not tasting the food explotion. So I sent Ami to ask Ilona for the recipe and she said luckily: "YES!" Thank you dearest Ilona! Mwua and a big hug!

Hmm I praised it too much, now you´ll going to eat it sceptical, but it´s my opinion and every individual has its own taste^^. Please don´t judge so hard^^.

Normally I wouldn´t have written the exact amounts, because they never use specific amounts. They just use the amount they feel that would be right. It took me really long to adjust the amounts for you.


serving for 4 persons:

1,5 kg potatoes

1 small onion
1 small bunch of green leeks
4 eggs
9 small pickels

2 tblsp maggi sauce
6 tblsp vegetable oil
4 tblsp liquid from the pickles
4 tblsp mayonaise
2 tsp salt
1/3 tsp black pepper
1/4 juice of a lemon

300 ml hot vegetable broth (you can use what ever broth you have on hand^^) (2tsp instant dry broth)

1. Boil the potaoes in cold water to cook them evenly.
2. Meanwhile cut the first 4 ingridients in small cubes.
3. Before you peel off the skin of the potatoes, heat the broth.
4. Slice the potatoes and put all the ingridients except the eggs in to the bowl and stir it all together, at last the eggs and mix it all gently.

It will taste much better, when you put it the fridge covered in plasic wrap over night.

Now it´s done, wasn´t it easy? I decided to make cooking videos for you. It´s meant as an aid for you to make it easier to understand and see how the consistensy should be, because I heard from a lot of people that they have problems to make dish from a written recipe. The videos will only be available through my blog. I want to keep my blog and my youtube channel strictly seperated :). The recipe in the video is slightly different from this one, I improved it a little bit and this is the better one in my opinion.

Have a nice week and don´t forget to smile 10 seconds in front of a mirror. Be beautiful inside and out :D.
Much love,

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