Montag, 26. März 2012

Beautiful Day

Hello everyone,
hope you're all doing well :) yesterday was a wonderful day it was sunny and full of life. I got a Bubble Tea green tea peach!! But sadly without tapioca pearls and it tasted not so good :( they gave them away to run some tests before they open ahh i missed it so much could only drink it in Bo bar Karlsruhe, Germany by the way the best Bubble Tea on earth is Joghurt Honeydew with tapioca pearls and lychee pearls.

On the way back home I waited for my hubby on a bench on the left my Bubble Tea and in the right my phone to took wonderful pictures of Salzburg. Unbelievable it's almost one year since we moved here. I really love this city and this country they are so nice and gentle :) I like the germans but they are sometimes really rude... Maybe we will stay longer than we thought.
Ok here some pictures from Salzburg and me OOTD took two jackets with me :D I made this picture which is made from 4 pictures with the foto stitch app

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