Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Sightseeing Salzburg

 Hello everybody :)

Again long time ago no write. I have to put more passion and patience on it. I took some pictures for blogging but I was too lazy to immediately sit down and write afterwards :( but now I´m in a good mood and have the motivation. Let´s see for how long ;D

I really love this city :) it´s full of inspiration and happiness. At first a little bit of history^^
Mozart was born and raised here in the 2nd half of the 18th century. You can also find the famous ‘Sachertorte’ in this city, a famous Viennese chocolate cake (the original cake invented in 1832 is only available in the ‘Sacher Hotel’ in Vienna and Salzburg as well as in the duty free shop in the national airport in Vienna and two cafés in other Austrian cities).

In the spring and summer months from Mai to September it's tourism season :)

See the pictures I made below and get an impression of the city and its atmosphere at this time of the year:

 A look to the historic city center

 The Sacher Hotel

 A statue in the Mirabell garden

 A look at some of the mountains surrounding the city

 ...more nature and mountains

Hohensalzburg Castle and Salzburg Cathedral

 Mozartstatue in the Mozartsquare

 Lawn at the side of the 'Salzach' river

 The 'Residenzplatz', a square at the side of the cathedral, surrounded by several historic buildings

 Carriages at the 'Residenzplatz'

 Salzburg has churches at pretty much every corner

 Some of the houses which were built directly into the rock 
There is more to see, this is a tiny bit of Salzburgs historic city center. Maybe we see each other here ^^ 
I wish you all a great day!
Lovely greetings from the lovely city Salzburg


  1. You look so pretty! I'm from Seoul and you look like a younger version of my sister...please keep blogging! ..and make some vlogs.

    1. ayaaa thank you lovely Chung Cha :) keke I look like a korean woman^^ I will do my best to keep writing! You gave me more motivation :-* :) <3