Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Spicy hot ramen

Hello lovely readers :)

Today I´ll doing a recipe post of my favourite korean ramen :)
I do almost every 3rd day ramen, not the instant noodles but self-made keke :D I like it hot and spicy. If you read my older posts you´ll know that I like korean food :)
Homemade food is always cheaper and better than instant food :) but not everyone has time for it, I can understand it, but if you have, do it! It´s definitely worth it! I love the korean hot chillies, they are moderately hot, not like the thai or indian chillies haha - you´ll die or at least I always nearly die, when the soup has this colour O_O XD

The ingredients for 2 persons:

-- 300g/ 0,6 pounds noodles oriental style noodle (pasta)
-- 600 ml/ 2 1/2 cups broth I used chicken (should be hot!)
-- 1 tbsp vegetable oil (not olive oil)

-- pork meat - as much as you like, I used 50g -thinnly sliced  (you can use whatever meat you like, for the vegetarian -skip it)
meat marinade:
pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, 1 Tbsp oyster sauce

-- 1 clove of a garlic - chopped 
-- 5cm/ 2 inch of the white leek part or 1/2 of a small onion -sliced
-- 1 1/2 handfull of vegetables you can use whatever your hearts desire :) I would say 3 big chunks of the top of the broccoli, 2 big chunks of cauliflower, 1 small carrot, I used freezed vegetables

hot sauce:
-- 2 tbsp gochujang (korean chilli paste)
-- 1 tblsp sesame oil 
-- 1 tsp mirin (rice vinegar)
-- pinch salt
-- pinch pepper
-- 1 tsp sugar
-- 2 tbsp chilli flakes (without seeds, with seeds I would only use 1 tsp hot!hot!)
-- 1 tbsp roasted sesame seeds (I prefer the white ones) (ohhh no I forgot them :( ) 
Stir all the ingredients together

and at least for decoration and season to taste :
-- 2 tbsp green leeks 
-- 1/2 tomatoes per bowls (didn´t had any on hand)
-- a squeeze of a lemon juice
-- If you want 1 boiled egg (I forgot it, noo not again! I always forget the best of the soup!)

First cook the noodles for 6-8 min for me the best time (in the package they write 10 min in my opinion too long) after cooking rinse them under cold water, prepare them on your bowl

I recomment to don´t use a teflon pan, because we work on high heat, over time it would dent your bottom pan!  
Turn the stove on high heat put the oil in it (now we have to work really quick, we don´t want to burn our garlic). When your cooking spoon fizzles in the oil -> it´s time! Let your garlic fry for few sec., stir! stir! stir! Put your meat in it until it´s more than half cooked, now turn the heat down on medium heat throw the onions in, until they get glazed. Put the vegetables in for 5min -don´t forget to stir! :)

- without meat: stove on high heat, put oil in the pan until your cooking spoon fizzles, throw your vegetables in (because we want it in the foreground, if we would use garlic or onions first they would burn - the juice of the meat would prevents the garlic or onions from burning) until they get a little bit brown, stir! Turn on medium heat and add the onion and garlic to the vegetables, cook until the vegetables are cooked through, I would say 5 min.

Add the hot sauce, stir it for few minutes, you´ll know when, the flavours will develope an awesome aroma, it smells gorgeous! Put your hot broth (I really recommend the hot broth, because it's faster and the soup stays clear) in it, after it's boiling it's ready to serve! 

 Now the best part :) fill your bowl with the soup

Squeeze a little bit lemon juice, put tomatoes on the top and green leek for decoration. You can put half of a boiled egg on top  :) voilá a super delicious self-made ramen! In 15 min

Happy! Happy!

 Yuuuumiiii, it´s time to eat!

You´re going to be addicted :D like me^^, for the non-hot eater I would skip the dry chilli pepper. The hot chilli paste isn´t hot like really hot :D believe me it´s even less hot like the famous korean Nongshim instant noodles. While writing the blogpost it looks mouthwatering haha I should lay a bowl on my desk XD. Hope you enjoyed my blogpost :)
Please tell me your self-made ramen experiences and write a comment below if you tried it  ;D
I wish you good luck :) ..and enjoy your meal!

Nony :-*


  1. Dear Nony,

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  2. Dear Anne,
    I did a video answer for you :)
    A person like you who looks for mental satisfaction is worth more than 10.000 people with money and a high paid job :) because if all materialistic things we strive for are gone or destroyed we are left with what' s really important in life.
    I want you to feel hugged and kissed

    1. Hello Nony,

      sorry I took so long with my response, but we currently have 20-hour shifts at the hospital and I also have to do a lot of work I left aside. But finally it's friday and I have a little time.
      I was so moved by your message and your touched that you even dedicated a video to me. And you even made it in english! Altough I do understand a little bit of german, it's of course much easier for me tu understand, so I really thank you for the extra effort you made.

      I will be thankful forever and wish you all the best, such a special person like you really deserves it!

      many hugs and kisses,


    2. Heeeello Aaaannee,
      you´re reeal <3 I´m thankful too, because we give each other love and strenght :)

      hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day or weekend!

      wow you understand german :D I can do subtitles in every video for you without much effort, it wouldn't really mean more work for me :) maybe you can learn more german that way :D and have more fun while watching :D

      hugs and kisses :-*

  3. Oh my god, that looks sooo delicious!
    I haven't had korean food for almost one year now._.

    oh btw,you look gorgeous^^
    Are you Korean?


    1. Haha Aimie you funny girl :D thank you :) I'm not korean. Where do you come from?
      Lovely greetings

  4. YUMMI!

    Love, V ( <3

  5. YUMI YUMMMMI, OMG that looks so great!
    make more please, you are so pretty!

    1. ohh yeah it´s really yummi I like it even more with mushrooms! I will do more blogposts! Thaaaank youu :-*** :)

  6. wow, I really can't believe you are not korean - you not only look like a typical korean yourself, even your food look like homemade korean food, simply unbelievable!
    Being beautiful and making yumi food, what more could you ask for?