Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Korean Dinner

Hello everybody :)

hope you're all doing well :D 
Yesterday I ate "official" korean food^^ for the first time and how did I miss it all the time? I´m a big fan, I did often korean food in the past, for example self-made ramen, pancakes, rice cake..etc. but I could never  compare it with the original. I was really nervous to try it, I was afraid that it wouldn´t satisfy my expectations, but it was even better than I thought. I´m obsessed with korean food, it´s so delicious and a flavour explotion :D but really expensive :( 
I´ve never seen so many korean people in one place. They must love their own food :)
The owner of this restaurant is a really petite lady, and a japanese waitress who can fluently speak korean wasn´t sure of my origin they guessed I was a korean or a japanese girl. The owner explained that the korean people were more impulsive and the japanese people are more reserved, but I was both, more in the middle hihi they didn't expect a laotian woman. For me a very big compliment because I admire all the korean and of course japanese women :) they are so beautiful :) kekeke
I hope it didn't sound like I´m not proud to be a laotian girl or woman (ouuhh I´m so old) I´m very proud :D hehe

Now here my OOTD

I´ll make a make up tutorial for this look soon :)

On our table
Wonderful jewellry box
Isn´t it beautiful? I would buy it immediantly if they would sell it :) <3


 Our drinks: my husband ordered a Hite korean beer and I a berry soda
this beer wasn´t bitter it tasted a little like light beer, I liked it ;)

I didn´t get dissapointed, big big smile!!

Pancake with seafood and vegetables
we both ordered the same with kimchi as a sidedish

beef with garlic, onion and vegetables
I ordered it and it was sooo yummi!!!

spicy typical korean dish
the sauce tasted a little bit like peanut
veryyyy yummi and flavoursome I could eat a bit not too much, thank god that I´d ordered my dish - but I still loved it!  

on the left side berry rice wine it was soo gooood and sweet

Couldn´t wait to eat!

Green tea ice cream, it was delicious (with little sugar, I don´t like it too sweet)

Happy bunny!  

Rice cake filling, on the outside hazelnut and inside I guess red beans, it tasted like that haha no I´m sure, it was definately red beans :D

Next time I´ll eat a soup, can´t wait to try them :) Please tell me your favourite asian dish <3 and of course korean dish!
Hope you´ve ejoyed my blogpost lovely readers!

Lovely greetings and kisses

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