Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

11 Question TAG

Hello everybody,

lovely Aely did TAG me :D thank you :-*
She created 11 Questions randomly
let´s start :) 

1.) What was your career dream as a child?
I wanted to be a stewardess^^ (my husbands big dream was to be a Pilot, maybe if we have chosen differently, maybe we would have met each other on air  :D) but I found my love at a young age :)

2.) If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Oh that´s not easy! I love Schnitzel, but every day only Schnitzel and no potatoes? Hmmm maybe potatoe salad, I could change the ingridients for more variation.

3.) If you would travel back in time and meet yourself, and you could give yourself advice in three things, what would yuo choose?
1. Focus to your education, because this is the key to your future and dream
2. You don´t have to prove anything for somebody
3.You can´t be liked by everybody and it´s not important, start by liking yourself, what do YOU want?

4.) If you had to move to another country because of your job (and you could do it everywhere), where would you go?
USA middle north California, not too hot not too cold. They have delicious food and a big variation of sweets and it´s not so far from asia.

5.) How many kids do you want to have? And how do you want to name them? Or: If you have kids how wouldn´t you name them?
 3 kids, Amelié-Sophie, William, Keanu, James, Aurora. I would like to adopt a child.

6.) Which 3 qualities (character/ look) do you think are the most important in a man?
-humour, intelligence and tolerance

7.) Which song or picture describes your current mood the best?
Ólafur Arnalds -Undan Hulu
8.)Which meal of the day is your favourite one?
Definetly dinner, I love to come home to relax and cook, then eat something warm and delicious!

9.) Name one thing that you really have to do before dying.
I want to see the world! First stop Korea and Japan

10.) Which languages would you like know?
french, korean and latin

11.) Which attribute of yourself would you like to change?
 I really don´t know how to answer, because I always try to correct or improve myself.

Now to my Questions :)
Everyone can  answer the questions too, if you want. If you don´t have a blog than write the answers right below in the comment. I appreciate everyone of your comments!

1.) What was your happiest moment in this year? Or what do you looking forward to the most this year?
2.) What´s your favourite dish?
3.) What are you afraid the most?
4.) In the world of which movie would you like to live?
5.) Do you have a lucky charm?
6.) The first thing you see when you open the front door?
7.) Which skill would you like to have? Or would you like to learn?
8.) What was the most expensive thing that you bought?
9.) Your favourite quote?
10.) Which country do you want to visit next?
11.) What do you wish for the most?

1.) Welcher war dein glücklichster Moment in diesem Jahr? Oder auf was freust du dich am meisten in diesem Jahr?
2.) Was ist dein Lieblingsgericht?
3.) Wovor hast du am meisten Angst?
4.) Im welchem Film würdest du gerne Leben?
5.) Hast du einen Glücksbringer?
6.) Welchen Gegenstand siehst du zuerst, wenn du deine Haustür öffnest?
7.) Welche Fähigkeit würdest du gerne besitzen? Oder erlernen?
8.) Was war deine teuerste Investition?
9.) Dein Lieblingszitat?
10.) Welches Land ist dein nächstes Reiseziel?
11.) Was wünscht du dir am meisten?
I tag Catha and Julia

ok  I´m looking foward to get to know you :)
lovely greetings

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  1. Danke fürs Taggen =) Ich werde auf jeden Fall mitmachen ^^

  2. OMG - potato salad for the rest of your life?
    I think I would die after a few months... :D

    1. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I would only die to think about no potatoes for the rest of my life :D:D:D:D What you choose?

  3. By the way: you would have been a beautiful stewardess! It surely would have been really romantic flying with your husband (assuming him being a pilot).. :)

    1. (#'__'#) thank you! Ohh yes it would have been really romantic (#^__^#) <3

  4. An asian stewardess with love for potatoes, sounds like we could be best friends..hahaha My friends always ask me how I can eat so many potatoes and still manage to stay slim (probably not as slim as you though) :-D
    I like you, everytime when you post something I read it on my way to work on the subway, and it never fails to make me smile!

    1. :D:D:D potatoe lovers <3 :D:D:D
      :))) you make me smile like this:

  5. Hi Nony! I found your page when I was looking up recipes for Pad Lao. Your blog is so cute.

    BTW, I live in So-Cal but I much prefer Nor-Cal for sure.

    Have a great day and lets follow each other :-)

    Jane B.