Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

chit chat

Hello everybody :D

I have 4 drafts in my blog. Sometimes I need time to write a blogpost, in my opinion too much! One draft is about Autmn (you realize it´s almost winter in a few weeks) >__<, one about food (again!), one a philosophy text about age (I wrote it before my birthday now 4 days past after it) and the last one is for new years eve (a review about 2012, pictures, because I´m not at home in the holidays).

You can see, the only things in my brain are only food and chill out. I really have to organize it all better. I have to give my blog a special day and time, where I have time all day long without rush.

Ok I´m going to write what comes right now of my mind.
We have sunday night, I ate well, like everyday. I don´t know why, but I sang all day the U.S. anthem "Star Spangled Banner" instead of christmas songs :D.
I started days ago to choose my christmas and new years eve wardrobe. I always start weeks ago to experiment which make up I wear for specials days like these, I want it always to be perfect, because for this occasion the chance is higher that somebody takes a photo from you. I will bring 2 dresses to the tailor, because I don´t like how they're cut. I will for sure do before and after photographs :). I´m not certain how I will let them cut^^, but for sure a V neckline, I have terrible wide shoulders.
Today I watched the press copy of "Bourne Legacy", I´m doing movie reviews with my husband. We stopped one year ago and we just started again. It´s a lot of work but it´s worth it^^. The movie was really good like I thought. Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner are really good actors. I liked the szene where Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) climbed up the house of Dr. Martha Shearings (Rachel Weisz) wall in to the window on the second floor. The camera moved very smooth behind him. I´m sure it wasn´t easy, I imagine they shoot the scene many times, hmm all the scenes where smooth and not as hectic as "Bourne" part 2 and 3. The atmosphere was very exciting, the close combat choreography was amazingly fast and lusty. The story is comprehensible and developable. It isn´t a bad copy of the other "Bourne" movies. Jason Bourne was more a soldier, a mercenery, a robot :X he did what he had to do and Aaron Cross is more like an 007 agent, very smart and emotional. I don´t want to tell you the whole story, I stop here. I can´t wait to watch part 2 kekeke, they have greenlighted the sequel.
I can´t wait to watch this year "The Hobbit", "Skyfall" and "Cloud Atlas". I don´t like, I really don´t like cinemas, if I was a rich person I would buy all the seats around me. I don´t like it when someone's talking while the movie plays, when somebody touches my seat or does weird stuff beside me, like kissing, shake with the leg ( I´m not better but when I´m concentrating I´m like a statue, maybe because I focus my energy on my brain instead of my leg XD ), eat/ drink to loud, move and and and... I know I must sound really fussy, but I love movies and if I spend so much money on it, then I want to suck it all to my soul :D:D:D. I only go to the cinema if 1. The movie has been released a while ago 2. For a person I really like 3. A movie which I have been waiting for a long time 4. The last screening of the day 5. For a place to hide or sleep when a zombie apocalypse or somthing else breaks out :D:D:D:D:D. I can talk about movies for hours :D.

I gained 7kg/ 15,4 pounds during the sommer (I´d never weight that much in my life) and now I lost 5kg/ 11 pounds:D yaay. I was always a skinny person but with the age your basic metabolic rate gets lower and lower. I ate like crazy, everywhere delicious food and everybody made my favourite food, to make me happy. Ohh in 3-4 weeks I´m going to my family and it´ll happen again, I´ll surely gain weight! But this time I will or I'll try to do sport :D or I stop eating when I´m full. We will see, I will try to make more food porn for you guys and of course write more recipes with permission.

Ahh I´m using Nivea cream (blue one) and I´m really satisfied, in cold weather times my skin gets very dry, everything else was like a watery film over my skin, but nothing gets inside. My skin feels very plane and smooth. My grandmother uses it for almost 30 years, and her skin is gorgeous and young. She is using a asian soap and Nivea, that´s it, hope my skin will look like hers in her age *___*. I have to rub my eyes less, it prevents from getting eye wrinkles. The skin eye area is very thin, it needs moisture and gentle touch. It isn´t easy to apply it on the face, it is very dence from the consistence. I dap it all over my face and then I rub it gently all over.

Oh I have to slowy consider what I give my family in law for christmas >__<. Do you guys bought already a present? Or are you spontaneous like me? My family doesn't want a present, we´re too many people (16 people including me) O__O they are happy when we are all together :).

Ok guys I´m getting tired, good night.
Hope you all out there have a wonderful week!
Greets and kisses to all of you, wherever you are there is always somebody who thinks of you.


  1. Cool blog! Oh, and I just watched Bourne Legacy yesterday, what a coincidence :-) I like reading how you write, spend the last hour with your blog :-)

    1. Hello Jessy :D
      sorry that I took so long to answer you. Hihi *blushing Nony* thank you lovely Jessy for your kind words (*'__'*). kisses to you! :D