Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Pics from 2012

Hello everybody!

How are you? How were your holidays?
I´m back in Austria :). Today I slept like Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty". My mother and my younger sister Ami drove me home, it's starting to be a tradition to drive me home. They stayed longer than planned. I was sad, but life must go on with or without them.

I planned to write some blogposts in my holidays, but the time runs so fast. I slept very late with a smile and woke up to early. I could sleep all day, but without my bed it´s like laying on a stone XD.

It´s too late to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but hahahaha I´m not like everyone so then :D I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D hope you celebrated well with your loves one or had relaxed days.

I´ll show you some pictures which I didn´t post last year, because I thought they weren't good enough to show :).
And I decided not to match my blog and my YouTube videos, I want it to be special.

Outfit Of The Day´s

which wasn´t good enough to show

I thought it looked to unspecial or normal, not really an inspiration for you :)

Pictures from my Youtube video

Pictures I didn´t showed last year

 This picture was from a turial which I wasn´t satisfied with^^

Enjoyed my time in Germany

 Missing my cuty babies, they visited me.

Ate all day along

Spent every minute I can with my beloved Ami <3
miss her so much ;___;

 Pissed out Nony :P

That´s it :) my next post is going about my holidays. I´ll show you some pictures :)
Have a nice start in the week my lovely readers :D

With much love

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