Montag, 28. Januar 2013


Hello everybody :D

hope you are all well. I´m a little bit sick, but don´t worry, nothing fatal.
My holidays were really nice and cozy. I´m surely one of the lasts person on earth, who does a Christmas and new year blogpost for last year :D. I know you must be really tired of reading this stuff :D:D:D, but some of you want surely to know how I celebrated :D.

 I spent my time again with my families, I should... I have to meet my german friends again! They ask me very often, but there is barely enough time to be with my fam :(.The first half time I'm traditionally with my fam in law, but this time was diffrent, it was much more complicated. I´d always been on Christmas with my fam in law and on 26th I´m celebrating with my fam and the 29th was my sister's birthday, but on New Year's Eve it was my grandma in law's birthday and on second of january my mum's birthday. We traveled a lot back and forth again. I really thought this Christmas would be exhausting but it wasn´t. I had a lot to laugh with all, we joked almost all day. It was the first time for my fam in law that a girlfriend celebrated together with us on Christmas Eve (my husband is the oldest of three brothers, and the middle one had his girlfriend over for Chrismas dinner). Normally my mother in law is very stiff (traditional latina), because only fam members may be there. She did a great job :) she was very courteous and nice. I also met for the first time the girlfriend of my brother in law Andrés (the youngest one). She is from Chile and visits Germany until march (she came a few days before New Years's Eve. Hope they´ll visit me in Austria. I'm proud to live here in Salzburg, wonderful city :)

The time with my fam was different this year, I couldn´t keep my plan. I told you already that the father of my sister in law died, she stayed longer than planned until february. I couldn´t see my niece and nephew of my oldest brother, it makes me really sad, my next visit to Germany will be on july ;___;, if my brother doesn´t visit me on spring, I wouldn´t have seen them for almost a year! My older sister wasn´t really there. I saw them only twice and one of those times it was only for 3 hours. They went spontaniously to France, it was important for her to visit her husband, he did a therapy for his back in a temple. My dad was busy, he had to do a lot of stuff before he flew to Laos (he´s helping to build a temple). Thank god that I saw my younger sister Ami and brother in law Aron, my two older brothers Sonne (and his fiancé Nadine) and Chuck and my mom often :), I also saw my "younger sister" (cousin) Linda, we had a lot of fun together. :D

I´m really exited to see Ami, Linda and her boyfriend Dennis soon! We´re going to the longest coasting slide on earth :D, it´s in Austria :D they will visit me for one week on the 10th of February :D yaaaaay, We were there last year and we had so much fun! We sledged in the night, it was sooo cold, there was even a snow storm :D.

I´m sorry, I shouldn´t promise things. Do you remember? I promised to show you some pictures from the christmas market in Karlsruhe? I did, but I can´t find the pictures :(. Really weird! Sorry ;__;.
But instead I have some pics from the christmas market and other randlom pics of Salzburg.

Hmm I didn´t made many photos :(, I really thought that I did a lot, but there really were only a few. I did many photos with others, but they understandably don´t want to make them public.


Christmas market in Salzburg

Where I am?


Christmas turkey

 My brother in law Andrés took this photo
he did a great job!

 Hubby and I ♥

I was tired after the christmas dinner.

New Year´s Eve

 Got ready

Finished my make up!

Final look :)

Current pics

 Leyla, sun of my life 

Prince Lion, my little Leonard who doesn´t want to speak :)

That´s it guys :D
ok have a nice week! Please take care of yourself! Eat and rest :)
lovely greetings

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