Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Little Adventure

Hello lovely readers :)

did you miss me? I missed you so much :D it sounds weird, but I´ve got a feeling that some of you didn´t give up on me, waiting for my next blogpost. I love to write, but I have to fight against my "doing nothing routine" :D. Once I get in, it´s hard to get out. Living comfortable is always the easier way :D.

I´m sitting in front of my laptop, a little scared to write, but I have so many ideas. Maybe because english is not my native language, as you can read^^. I don´t have cable tv, at first that wasn´t the plan.
Our neighbour moved away with his satellite dish, I really was addicted, I spent every day at least 2 hours with the television. 1 1/2 years ago I could have cable tv but I decided against it. I´ve got more time for everything and I watch only tv shows which I really like (in english) :). I want to move at first to England for some years, and afterwards to USA (Califonia) :). My english improved so much that I even think in english :).

Ok what did happen in the time after my last blogpost? My sisters Ami, Lin and her boyfriend Dennis visited me for one week. We had so much fun :). I´m really not the type who watches horror movies, accept for Lin and Dennis :D, it became a tradition. We watched Sinister with Ethan Hawke as the main charakter. Holy f+&$§% sh*§%!!! It was sooo soooo scary! I almost peed in my pants! I don´t like horror movies, I´m a big chicken. I must confess the movie was suspensful throughout. I even had to look away and I normally never look away ;____;. Luckily Lin is a big chicken too :D, we whined together.

We walked through the historic center, hiked the mountain where there's a nice restaurant, really beautiful and romantic!! You can use the elevator too, if you want (7€). You´ll get a free ticket down when you reservate or sometimes under special circumstances.

View from the midway on the road to the restaurant/bar

so romantic and noble

Their car had so much problems, so we couldn´t slide the 20km slope in Salzburg, Wildkogel. It is 130km away from my home. We took the 6km slope which is "only" 60km away. We parked on the top of the mountain, had we know that the slope was the same as the car ride, we wouldn´t have parked on the top. Ok we lent sledges, slided funnily down for 10-20 minutes. All the way up again, why not sliding twice? We walked 5 minutes up and one of us had a brilliant idea. The way was S-shaped. Why not take a shortcut? There was a sign that mentioned the place where our car was. 35minutes to the place. Ha we needed for 4km (walking from my home to the city) 30minutes flat, plus uphill 10 minutes, so we calculated that we needed 1 hour for the normal way. We were so clever.. so clever... The path was through the forest and very steep. Behind us our sledge which became heavier and heavier. The snow was knee high. You can imagine how much energy we used up, we sweated much and the way didn´t seem end. We orientated us from the foodprints of hikers and dogs. The daylight went away more and more with every minute. Everywhere sounds of falling snow from the trees. Sometimes we crawled up, to don´t fall in the snow. Finally a sign! We were on the right path :D, but it was too dark to see anything. No one took a smartphone with them, only Pedro and I, but my smartphone went off because of the cold (Pedro and I have super iphone cases from Lifeproof, can resist cold and hot weather, liquid and fine particle and protect the phone from most kind of hits) I took  too many pictures and videos on the slope :D. I laid it down on the snow to take a short video sliding down the hill. Pedro with the last thing to communicate to the civilisation walked to the sign. 30 minutes to the place O__O. We had already walked for 40 minutes. Tired and exhausted, sitting on our sledge. One of us wanted to walk back to walk the normal road up. One of us lost his cap, he looked after his cap in the dark alone for 10 minutes. Guys don´t make the same mistake! Never leave the group for a materialistic substitutable thing and it doesn´t no matter how much it cost, a lot could happen in the forest. One of us was looking for another shortcut, me sitting there scared of all the noises around us :D. It was a mess. He didn´t found his cap. How should he? Everywhere snow in the dark. We decided to leave the sledges behind us, left them in the forest. We were definetly far away from the place where we wanted to go. Ok think logical, the path we went was left from the road. We couldn´t walk back, it would take longer and it would be dangerous to walk steep down. You couldn´t almost see your hands and you don´t know what´s under the snow (there were demolished trunks and rivulets everywhere). We knew we had to go to the right to cross the road, the snow was deeper the path heavier, sometimes I and Lin sank in the snow up to our hips. Lin got stucked with her whole leg, Pedro shoveled her leg out of the snow. And then the road! We walked 2 hours in the forest and 20minutes up the road. I was a looser, I needed a pause almost every ten minutes. They were shocked, because I was nominated for "Jugend trainiert für Olympia" (= eng."Youth trained for Olympia")(athletics). In the end we laughed about our little adventure, we'll always keep it in our memory.
Next time we'll slide the 20km slope in Wildkogel, there is a lift and you can park at the end of the slope.

On the way to the slope

 On the mountain

 Hubby and I

 f.t.l. I, Ami, Lin and Dennis

snowy road through the mountain, the slope we used for our way down.

We girls had some beauty days and laughed a lot :) ohh and we played  Mario Kart Wii almost every day, I always play Rosaline :), because a star always escorts her.
We ate so much fast food, my face looks soo bah, pimples everywhere ;___;.

That´s it guys, that was my week. Andrés, my brother in law, wants to visit me with his girlfriend from Chile, at beginning of march^^. Hope we'll have much fun.

oke I wish you a nice week. Be careful and don't forget to eat some fruits.

Lovely greetings,



  1. wow wow wow such a nice scenery omg! looks stunning!
    The picture with the sunset (or is it a sunrise?), i'd almost put it as my desktop wallpaper *_*

  2. Hi Nony! You live in such a beautiful country, so jealous!!

    I have to say that despite English not being your native language you have excellent writing skills :-)

    ~Jane B.