Montag, 1. Oktober 2012


Hello Everyone!

How are you doing? I´m sleepy :)
In my last video on my Youtube channel I promised to do regularly videos and blogposts (my goal is once a week) and after saying this words a week passed with neither of both. Do you know it, when you undertake something and it doesn´t work out? Because your freaking mind is blocked and puts you under pressure with weird thoughts althought you don´t actively think anything? I know it sounds really paradoxal and probably makes no sense to you :D
but I´m sure someone out there will understand me maybe :)

My lovely brother in law (the youngest) Andrés was visiting us for 5 days. At first I was afraid of being too boring for him but it was like in the past with no stress and endless time. I have to say he is 4 years younger than me. We met each other when he was 14, I was allowed to see his journey of growing up being a man and his experiences with girls. After he broke up with his first girlfriend he started to change, he was only busy with his friends and community, he begun to stop talking about his live.
3 years since then, one of them he flew to Guatemala and Chile where he met his girlfriend in Chile.
I really admire every single person who can keep a long-distance relationship, I can't imagine that I could manage it myself.

Hehe ok I tell you my lovestory :)
super cheesy by the way
The time we met each other my husband Pedro lived in England where he studied and I lived with my parents. I was 18 and he was 25. I don´t know why but I registered myself on the ICQ page half year before we met. I did a cartoon avatar and my nickname was morningstar, a little anectode to my nickname: ^^

I already told you that my big sister Adsachan I called her Uaichan (laotian uai = big sister) it´s more comfortable for me, had a Thai- China restaurant, I tried very hard to help my sister with all my strenght that I had, but I was more of a burden to her -I think, I couldn´t take an order because I always mixed up the numbers, was too slow and I couldn´t serve the guests because I shooked to much and did so many mistakes >__< I was really nervous. But I came everyday to her to try to make her smile with my silly attitude and being a connection to our family (the big part of my family was fighting with her, long and different story). It was saturday deep in the night. I couldn´t bear the stuffy air, (when you work in the gastronomy you will know what I mean). I did my work (washed glasses) and waited outside in front of the car. The air was fresh and cold, not a human soul was there, the firmament was free of clouds, stars everywhere and the sun was going up slowly -to watch the sun going up is the most beautiful thing in live. It was dark but in the same time bright, I could see a little sharp of the sun, and there it was another shape of a moon west from the sun, I was wondering because behind me was the moon! It was breath taking! So wonderfull! I can´t remember how long I stand there with an open mouth, I had to share this wonderfull incident I ran to the restaurant and dragged her out to the parking area, but it was gone there was only the sun in the sky. I will never forget this wonderful moment in my live, but it´s sad to see the unbelievable incident alone, to see the face you love smiling is the biggest relieve on earth on hard times, as if the time stops for you, for a moment. Yes it was the morningstar, the planet venus on the west of the sun and the evening star when venus is east from the moon.

ok back to the love story :D
he was in England and I was in Germany but luckily he'd just finished studying. I can remember it like it was yesterday. He found me and he was the first man who didn´t ask me pervert things :D after 5 hours chatting he didn´t  ask for a picture of me, very simpatico. I always showed a picture of Uaichan and me and asked who I am. He was the first guy who guessed right, when I find the picture I will show you :)
He sent a picture of him, and at first I thought it was a joke, it was too perfect to be good, I really thought he took a picture from the internet to pretend he was a charming guy :DDD, he didn't have a webcam, that was more reason for me to suspect him :D the day after he borrowed a webcam from his friend. I saw him in "real", I was shocked that someone like him liked me. I didn´t have much hope for a relationship. I would accept it when he breaks up with me. I thought I will never meet a perfect guy like him again, everyday could be the last day, I didn't dissimulate myself, he would find it out earlier or later, so I prefered the first one. It would hurt if you spent too much time with someone you like and break up.
It was 2 weeks until he came back to Germany, we chatted like insane, night and day! We lived in different cities but luckily in the same state (with train and bus 2 hours away). We met each other one day after he finally arrived, I decided to meet us in his city, really dangerous, please don´t it, I had luck. It was perfect and my first date with a guy, we went to the park, had our first kiss on a bench in front of a fountain, went to the cinema (we watched X-Men III), ate tarte flambee and drank some cocktails.
The days, the weeks were fantastic, after the third week on a sunday I sat there in front of a flower shop and his head on my knees, his body laying on the ground, he told me his decision in which city he will live soon and wanted me to move with him, but my parents wouldn´t allow it at all, only -if we married- (I thought). I said: "I would go with you everywhere, but my parents wouldn´t allow me... only if I´m married" the last sentence was more of a joke. He answered: " I would marry you anyway earlier or later, so let´s just get married now". We told it nobody only Ami my little sister and a friend of mine. 3 months after meeting each other on the internet, we were married. We exchanged our rings on the bench where we kissed the first time^^. My and his parents were shocked of course but they accepted it, and were happy for us :)
We want to marry in the church, but it takes time and money :) we will see, we are going to take our time ;)
I don't regret our decision, and I would do it again. I´m happy to have a man like him on my side :) we have our ups and downs but most of the time ups and it will never end I hope.



piiuuh that was a loooong blogpost :D hope you had fun to read my personal stuff :)
wish you all good luck to find Mr. Right like me or being happy with the man on your side
lovely greetings


  1. Hey, dein Blog ist echt toll! Ich habe ihn heute durch Twitter entdeckt und arbeite mich durch die Einträge.
    Mein englisch ist leider nicht überragend, deshalb dauert es etwas länger (und deshalb schreibe ich dir auf deutsch), aber ich bin echt beigeistert und freue mich auf den nächsten Beitrag!
    Viele viele Grüße nach Salzburg, Sabrina

    1. Hallo Sabrina :D *wink*
      das freut mich aber sehr, dass dir mein Blog gefällt :)

      Hier kannst du vielleicht dein englisch verbessern:D, schau am besten ganz viele Serien und Filme auf englisch an, am Anfang ärgert man sich, aber nach und nach macht es sogar Spaß!
      Liebste Grüße auch an dich!

    2. wow, freue mich sehr dass du mir antwortest, das macht fast keiner der einen Blog schreibt (jedenfalls diejenigen die ich kenne). Danke für den Tipp, habe wirklich angefangen auf englisch zu schauen, und es ist wirklich schwer, aber ich mache weiter so wie du es mir geraten hast. Wird wahrscheinlich lange dauern bis ich etwas mehr verstehe als bislang :D
      Viele Grüße zurück, du bist mir (zumindest von dem was ich lese) wirklich sehr symphatisch!

    3. :) stimmt kenne ich nur zu gut, die meisten antworten wirklich nicht, kann manchmal ziemlich ärgerlich sein, gerade deswegen versuche ich soweit es geht alle Kommentare zu beantworten :D
      Ich würde dir raten, am Anfang mit Untertiteln zu schauen, aber sobald du dir sicherer bist weglassen weil man dann mehr lernt und die Untertiteln nur ablenken. Ich selber habe nach einem Monat mit Untertiteln aufgehört und nach nem halben Jahr hat sich mein Englisch erheblich verbessert. Habe zusätzlich noch Bücher auf englisch gelesen (Harry Potter)
      Was schaust du zur Zeit an? :)
      Liebste Grüße aus den Bergen!

  2. That's soooo romantic, I wish I would have the luck to experience something similar! *heart melts*

    1. Hi Sarah! <3
      I´m sure you will find him or he will definitely find you! *very optimistic!* (lao.) chub chub (=kiss)

    2. Genau das gleiche habe ich auch gedacht, so romatisch!
      (I thinked the same, really romantic!)

  3. I think it's romantic, but at the same time amazing, that it's really possible to find love in the internet, simply great!
    nice blog btw!

    1. Hi Marlene,
      thaank you :)! I wouldn´t have thought it either :D

  4. you look so happy! I wouldn't have thought that you can really find your true love online. Somebody nice, possibly. With luck even a friend you meet a few times. But the one true love? Not a chance. But it makes me really happy, that's so amazingly romantic, such things kind of make you think there is still hope for humanity! It really must be your destiny to be together, that many things can't happen just by chance. Somebody up there must be looking after you.

    1. :D you´re cute :-* your speech will motivate all the singles outside :)

      your words really touched me, you wrote what I sometimes feel when I´m looking into his eyes, but I never spoke it out^^ to heard it from somebody else let me feel warm inside :D hope there is somebody who looks after you too with your beautiful mind :)