Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012


Hello everybody,

if you read my blogposts before you will know that my family in law are latinos and of course you can always find tortillas in every latino household, my dad bought it before but doesn´t know how to eat them. we put it on the stove and ate them with sweet condense milk XD
From then on I really like tortillas but it´s very expensive here. 

My cousin always told me from the new place she found, a salat bar, she always sent me pics from her delicious wrap filled with vegetables, chicken and cocktail sauce (recipe coming soon!). It was enough for me, my floor was flooded with my spittle. I did it myself, the beginning was horrible, it was too hard, too thick, too stringy, but now I know the trick about it ^^
really easy if you follow my instructions step by step :)

Ingridients: (for 6 torillas)

13 tblsp flour
1/3 tsp salt
2 tblsp olive oil
200 ml (7/8 cup or 13 1/2 tblsp) luke warm water


flour, salt, olive oil

spread it all over th flour and swirl it with your finger 
(I used 3 fingers from the middle part) 

after all combined, kneat it until the dough gets smooth I would say 3 minutes

wet the surface of the dough and put it in a bowl, so it doesn´t dry wrap it with platic wrap.
If you need the dough immediately let it sit in the fridge for 15min and 15min in the room.
I do the dough often one day before I want to eat, you can put the dough although in the freezer.

the consistensy will be very sticky, put flour on the surface the dough on top and turn around
on the sides too, flatten the dough

and split it in 6 pieces

roll the dough in balls, so it gets easier to from round tortillas, if you do more than 
this recipe cover it with kitchen towel, to keep them smooth

 use a rolling pin to flatten the dough

  I used my fingers to spread the dough properly to make it thinner on the outside. 
Keep the hands close (fingertips on the outside) and open them while you move the dough in a circle

Important, the pan should be really really hot! Use a iron pan if you have. 
After the pan gets really hot lower the heat a little and put the tortilla in the pan, 
(we want to warm-up it on both sides) when minimum 1/3 of the dough gets invisible (20 sec), flip it.

the dough sizzles a bit, flip it again after 10-15 sec

normally after the second flip it should puff out but don´t worry if it 
doesn´t after 5sec, flip it again!

I fliped it very often until it lifts everywhere especially on the edge, sometimes 
I move the edge of the tortilla to the middle of the pan (the hottest part of the pan is the middle)

finish! You can cover it with a kitchen towel to keep it warm

in the end it should have many thin layers like this, warm tortillas are sooo delicous :)

After you´re finish you can put cheese on the hot tortilla or put the tortilla cheese for 20 sec in the microwave, put ham on it and top it with creme fraîche, siracha and dry onions wuuaaahh sooooo yuummiiiiii!!!! I love this combination :) try it! Sometimes I do salad in it, both variations are soo yuummi!!

You can fill it with everything what your heart desire, meat with garlic dressing, or only vegetables with hummus, get creative ;D and tell me how you filled your tortilla :D

everyone has the ingridients at home, so give it a try :D
I´m sure you will love it!

I wish you a nice weekend my lovely readers!
Lovely greetings


  1. Hi, your tortillas look delicious, real fluffy and everything!
    I tried the recipe, and as I'm not a great cook they were a little hard at the end, but the flavor was still great. I put chopped meat inside and slices of avocado, and it was so great, I just couldn't stop eating! I really had to force myself not to make more, thank god I only made two :D otherwise I wouldn't have stopped after those. I'm still going to make more tomorrow though :D

    1. Hi Sarah :D
      Yaaaay you tried it :D ohh yeaah you can become addicted :D
      You shouldn´t leave the tortilla too long on one side :)
      or your pan wasn´t hot enough :D
      yuuumm!! I will try it like you did sounds sooo delicious